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Looking for groups to sponsor meals

Updated: Aug 15, 2022


We host sponsors for dinner on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. In preparation for your meal, please see the FAQ below. See you soon!

What is the cost of sponsoring a meal at Agnes’ Table?

There are three options for sponsoring a meal at Agnes’ Table:

- For a $25 donation, you are responsible for planning the meal and bringing all of the ingredients, including milk.

- For a donation of $150, the program coordinator will be responsible for planning the meal for the group.

- For a $150 donation, the program coordinator will find community volunteers to cook and serve on your behalf.

If you choose the second option, the program coordinator will let you know a week in advance what is on the menu.

How many people will we be serving?

We usually serve about 80-90 patrons and with seconds we plan for about 120 meals.

What is the timeline for volunteering?

We start meal preparation at 3pm, serving begins at 5pm and ends at 6:30pm, and clean-up takes about a half hour to an hour.

How many volunteers do we need?

We ask that you bring along 5-6 volunteers for preparing and serving food. Please make sure to bring along a dedicated dishwasher.


There are 3 city lots near Agnes’ Table. The one directly to the east is 2-hour parking, the lot across the street between RCU and 3D Fitness is a 2-hour lot, and the lot behind Falls Bowl is a 4-hour lot. Both are monitored 9am-5pm besides Sundays and holidays.

Arriving to volunteer

Upon arrival, check in with the program coordinator, wash your hands, and get to it!

What should I wear?

We only require you to wear close toed shoes and your hair pulled back or in a hat. We have gloves for you.

Age requirements

Please be advised that children under the age of 14 years are not allowed in the kitchen area near the stove. They can assist with desserts, and food and drink service. Please make sure that all children have adequate parental supervision.

What equipment is available?

2 convection ovens

2 standard ovens

Commercial dishwasher

6 burner commercial range

Walk-in cooler and freezer


Pots, pans, cooking and serving utensils

Can volunteers eat at Agnes’ Table?

Yes! We ask volunteers to wait until meal service is over once all guests have been served to eat.

Other information

Please be advised that all food preparation and handling will be according to Safe Serv Practices. Please ask the program coordinator for guidance in regard to proper attire, handling, and food service regulations.

If you are interested in sponsoring dinner, give Lori, our program coordinator, a call at (715) 226-5097 or message the Agnes' Table Facebook page and we will respond to you as soon as possible!

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